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Greetings From Advanced Designs in Automotive Technology! We're currently working on an all new web site. Some of the details and information may be out of date during this transition so please contact us directly to learn more about any product offered on our site currently. We are taking orders now for all our 1/2 season products and our amazing new 4th season products! Call or email today for all the details!

Ph: 540-484-0753
Email: dcolie@adiautotech.com

4th Generation Trans Am update 01.07.2011:
The 2010 version of a whole new KITT model is currently in its testing phase and the products will be released this year!

I would personally like to thank my customers for a fabulous 15 years in business and I look forward to blowing everyone's minds this year with new products currently in production!

Don Colie


Advanced Designs
Ph: 540-484-0753
Email: dcolie@adiautotech.com

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